New PS5 console receives remarkable upgrade


The latest model of the PlayStation 5 released by Sony seems to have come with a rather striking upgrade. In the past month, the PS5’s latest hardware revision, formally known as model CFI-1200 model, began hitting store shelves in areas such as Australia. And while this version of the console was known to be slightly lighter than the model launched in 2020, questions have been circulating as to whether other changes were in the pipeline. Now we finally have those answers.

In a breakdown by tech YouTuber Austin Evans, Sony appears to have completely overhauled the PS5’s internal design with its CFI-1200 model. After a complete disassembly of the console, Evans reports that the redesign has not only made the PS5 less bulky, but also makes it more energy efficient than previous versions of the platform. In particular, Evans claims that the PS5 should now draw about 20-30 watts less than the other two console models that Sony has released in the past.

In addition, the motherboard of the PS5 is now also a bit smaller. Compared to previous versions, the CFI-1200 model of the PS5 includes a motherboard that is two inches smaller. To coincide with this change, the heatsink that cools the system has also been made smaller to accommodate the smaller motherboard.

Overall, it’s good to see Sony seem to be improving the PS5 over the years. While this might be expected in some ways, we’ve also seen other console manufacturers take the plunge by using cheaper parts in the past when it comes to hardware revisions. Essentially, the CFI-1200 model of the PS5 seems to be the best version we’ve seen yet. If you still haven’t bought the console for yourself, then you can rest assured that you are buying the top version of the platform.


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