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Play all Ubisoft games for free for a month on your PC, on mobile from the cloud… and on Samsung TVs


All Ubisoft games, including new ones, available to play locally on your PC or via the cloud on any device: one month free!

A new chance to play all Ubisoft games for free for a month, including the latest news, with all DLC.

Ubisoft showcased a ton of games at its Ubisoft Forward 2022 conference this weekend and has also released its own app on Samsung televisions. So to celebrate let’s enjoy Ubisoft for free for a month +your subscription which includes local and cloud play.

You can play great games like The Assassin’s Creed Saga, all the farce, the Tom Clancy, Watchdogs, Splinter Cell, ANNO 1800 Strategy, The Division 2and much more.

Ubisoft+ He has two plans. Of PC accesswhich costs 14.99 euros per month, you can download to your PC and play about 100 Ubisoft games locally, the most important.

multi-accesswhose price is 17.99 euros per month, adds to all of the above the game in the cloud, allowing you to play without downloading and without needing powerful hardware on any PC, mobile, tablet and other devices.

Recently Ubisoft+ has arrived on Samsung TVs, so you can play over 100 PC games directly on the TV, simply by connecting a Bluetooth gamepad to the TV itself. All thanks to the magic of the cloud.


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