Quest Pro Just Leaked, Vive Focus 3 Upgrade and Apple XR


Image: Meta

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Our weekly recap: October brings news about the Quest Pro and we can already admire the packaging today. Ahead of the next generation of VR headsets, HTC is improving on the Vive Focus 3. And Apple is reportedly working on three XR headsets.

Quest Pro: Unveiling in October, Packaging Leaked

The ninth Connect XR conference is just around the corner. It will set the stage for Meta’s new premium headset, which will be called Quest Pro and will cost over $1,000. In return, it has built in a lot of high-end technology, such as flat pancake lenses and eye and face tracking. The Connect and with it the presentation of the Quest Pro will take place on October 11.

The packaging had already been leaked on Facebook in advance and can be seen in the following photos. The relatively slim VR headset that comes on it matches the previously leaked photos of the VR headset from instructional videos and the pre-made renders.


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