Rainbow Six Mobile Beta Test Starting Soon

Rainbow Six Mobilethe upcoming mobile adaptation of the popular competitive first-person shooter Rainbow Six Siege, will be beta testing soon. Previously, Ubisoft had already conducted a closed alpha test for Rainbow Six Mobile in May. Now the studio wants to let more players enjoy it before the game is released to the general public.

Announced in April 2022, Rainbow Six Mobile is a free to play shooter that adapts Rainbow Six Siege for mobile devices. The game is said to have been built from the ground up while still preserving much of the core gameplay Rainbow Six Siege a very popular choice among fans of competitive shooters. Practically this means that: Rainbow Six Mobile will carry over the “Attackers vs. Defenders” premise, as well as a roster of operators, each with their own special abilities.


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Ubisoft has released details about beta testing for Rainbow Six Mobile during the recently aired Ubisoft Forward event. The company said interested players in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines, Singapore and India will be eligible to apply for a chance to participate in the closed beta test beginning September 12. While Ubisoft has said that before Rainbow Six Mobile will be available for both Android and iOS devices, the closed beta test is currently limited to Android users only.

For those lucky enough to be selected, they can try out Rainbow Six Mobiles new progression and Operator unlock systems, complete with a free battle pass and daily challenges, as well as a new map called the Clubhouse. According to Ubisoft, the closed beta test will have 16 operators (including popular picks like Ash, Sledge, and Hibana), and content from past testing phases like the Bomb and Secure Area game modes, as well as the Bank and Border maps. Beta testers can also expect visual and gameplay improvements over the game’s alpha build.

In announcing the beta test, Ubisoft also released a trailer featuring various gameplay footage from Rainbow Six Mobile in the pre-beta phase. Fans of Rainbow Six Siege must quickly notice many similarities that are transferred in Rainbow Six Mobile, with environmental destruction once again a key element of gameplay. Reinforcements and deployable shields are also a staple in Rainbow Six Mobileas seen in the latest trailer.


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