Samsung disables Android 12L taskbar with third-party launcher

The main feature of Android 12L for tablets and foldable devices is the taskbar, but there is a quirk on Samsung devices that disables the taskbar when using a third-party launcher.

Samsung has rolled out Android 12L as part of the One UI 4.1.1 update, bringing Google’s latest big-screen features to its foldable devices and tablets. With that update came the taskbar, which arrived first on the Galaxy Z Fold 4, but has since expanded to Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Tab S8, and Galaxy Tab S7 as well.

However, a minor side effect of using the Android 12L taskbar on a Samsung device is that the feature is disabled when using a third-party launcher. Options like Nova Launcher or Niagara disable the option to enable the taskbar in the settings menu.

While this is a bit frustrating, it makes sense to a certain extent.

If you dive into the settings on the Galaxy Z Fold 4, it’s relatively easy to get around the gray taskbar switch in Samsung’s version of Android 12L. Go to Settings > Display > Navigation Bar and scroll down to “Looking for something else?” section has a shortcut to the taskbar setting. Tapping this will bring up the option to enable the taskbar even if you are using a third party launcher, but it’s pretty easy to see Why Samsung has disabled this option.

Just a few minutes after using the taskbar on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 with Niagara Launcher – one of the few launchers that makes sense with the Fold 4’s dual screens – you’ll notice that the taskbar is still showing up in multitasking. menu and often breaks, showing no apps at all. Since I first tested this, I’ve also noticed that the taskbar is increasingly stuttering, requiring the feature to be toggled on and off to fix it.


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