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The most important Feng Shui rule for your bedroom


According to feng shui, bedrooms should be rejuvenating spaces that help you restore your energy. Mainly associated with soothing yin energy, they should be quiet, retreat-like rooms, Love to Know says. That is why feng shui experts and teachings say that you should get rid of the television in your room. Many people like to watch an episode or two before going to bed or relaxing with a movie, but a television can actually disrupt the chi in the room. Even when televisions are turned off, they create a reflective surface that can cause positive chi to bounce around and out through a door or window. The lack of positive chi can then lead to less restful sleep.

Getting rid of your television for a more positive chi isn’t the only reason you should consider removing screens from the bedroom. Screen time before bed has been scientifically proven to disrupt sleep cycles. And if you go to sleep with a partner, getting rid of the television in your bedroom can lead to more conversations, better sex and falling asleep together, all of which can benefit the relationship, reports Becoming Minimalist.

Love to Know adds that, according to feng shui principles, a television invites a third party into the room and can encourage infidelity. Removing the television in your bedroom will not only have a positive impact on your chi, but also in many other areas of your life.


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