The unreleased Nest Doorbell (Wired) waves ‘hello’ in these sharp renders


The new art is housed in a Google Home update

It’s been more than four years since Google-owned Nest released its Hello video doorbell. Consumer demands have evolved since then, and since last year’s Nest Doorbell (battery) was unable to record continuous video, even Google had to admit it was too late to update its Hello doorbell. We know that Nest will be launching new products at the Made by Google event on October 6, but we now know exactly what one of them will look like.


The Play Store has started rolling out an update to the Google Home app this weekend, pushing it to version 2.58, and it has apparently revealed new hidden assets detailing the new wired Nest Doorbell that smart home decorators have been waiting for. . 9to5Google was able to decompile the app and expose the new art. The images were supposedly found in folders with the name “venus” on them.

The material design can be characterized as a blend of the aesthetics of the Nest Doorbell (Battery) with the physicality of the original Nest Hello – shorter than the battery-operated doorbell, but thicker. The new doorbell borrows an Easter egg from the Hello with the edge of the camera’s base plate featuring the word “Hello” in several languages.

The assets also include animations to help users with setup, from connecting the chime to power to installing the doorbell base plate and wedge.


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