Top 10 trending phones of week 36


Apple’s most important event of the year took place this week and the new iPhone 14 series is on everyone’s mind. Our trend chart is completely dominated by the newcomers, while some of their predecessors also gained ground as people were making comparisons and considering whether to upgrade.

The iPhone 14 Pro finished at the top, just ahead of the 14 Pro Max. The two Pros offer a lot more upgrades than the other two new phones, so it’s no wonder they’re getting more of the spotlight.

The vanilla iPhone 14 completes the podium, while the 14 Plus gets the least amount of attention. Early pre-orders tell a similar story of relatively little interest in those.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max ranks fifth, while the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra ranks sixth as the highest-ranking non-Apple phone on the map.

The iPhone 13 took seventh place, while the Galaxy A53 kept its place on the map and took eight.


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