Unheard of: Invented History: Another Leak: Is the PC Date Correct This Time?


When will the Uncharted-Sagmented Collection of Thieves come to PC? Several leaks have already been reported. The one-second date is not yet clear.

Sony and Naughty Dogs Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection are still available for purchase. As you know, uncharted: Lost Legacy and Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End are included. The official announcement is still a long way off, so if you don’t think there’s a new leak coming out sooner or later, the wait won’t be long.

A date was recently displayed in the Pre-Purchaes Bonus section of the product page. If this information, which has since been retrieved from the internet, is correct, then the collection will be ready from 19 July 2022.

The date has since been removed so that it would appear so early, and now it is only coming soon. And a bonus is the Fortnite paraglider, which is based on Sully’s seaplane. A third of that glider should now be available from November 17 through the Fortnite store.

Has a date been confirmed by then? The original version was mentioned briefly and probably accidentally on the Epic Games Store. At that time it was June 20. But now that has not been confirmed, that has been announced for the time being. Will you do better this time?


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