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Hello all,
This is my current setup (see above). I am considering buying a new MacBook.
I’ve always preferred MacBook Pro over Air, but after reading recent online reviews, it seems the Air is the way to go; given my budget constraints [ ~1000$ Canadian – I may be willing to shell out a bit more if I can upgrade beyond 8Gb; just to future-proof it.]

So, what do you say Forum?…..Let me know as soon as possible, because the student discount expires on September 26 (?).

Also; better to order online or in store? Is it possible to upgrade the stock RAM as I think I read that you can’t upgrade RAM etc on any MacBook anymore (well maybe since the last 5/10 years lol) so if I wanted more RAM then can i upgrade it in the store? Any advice for ‘future proof’?

My MBP usage is light (IMO); Browsing, Word/Excel, PDF editing, Zoom, with a pen/tablet combo, music/movies and very light image editing… Plus running a virtual machine for Windows, {I plan to use Parallels or do BootCamp in the new MacBook } I really never needed the 16 Gb I have now. Only a little exaggerated when I got the SSD.


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