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what the queen saw on tv

If HM the Queen was the first monarch whose life was documented and recorded on television, she was also the first monarch to watch it. It put her in the unique – and bizarre – position where in her later years she could have a successful global TV show, Netflix’s The Crown, trying to tell her the story of her own life.

If, that is, she watched The Crown. As always, the Queen has never conceded so much. In 2017, a “high royal source” told the press that she had seen all 10 episodes of the first series, which chart her childhood, Edward VIII’s abdication, her coronation in 1952 and her relationship with Winston Churchill, her first prime minister. brought.

The source said the Queen would sit with Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex, for Sunday night viewings. But when the show began to portray her beloved Prince Philip in a less favorable light during season two, the Queen broke up: Prince Philip was asked by a friend of Matt Smith’s. [who played Philip in series 1-2] whether he had seen it and he replied, “Don’t be so ridiculous.”

One thing The Crown got right was to let The Queen watch television. Several episodes show her tuning into BBC News. In this it was correct – the Queen was a longtime devotee of the Six O’Clock News. Pictures show her looking at it in Sandringham with a young Edward and Andrew. (The royal children watched very little television, but they did get a weekly dose of Doctor Who: we can assume that The Queen also traveled through time at their side.)


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