XRP can now be burned via Bitcoin Payment App on XRPL, here’s how

Gamza Khanzadaev
New XRPL-built project is here to battle Lightning Network
The crypto world has recovered with another major development aimed at implementing Bitcoin transactions and competing with the Lightning Network. This time, the moment of glory came for SpendTheBits, a project built on XRP Ledger, which recently received a lot of support from the entire XRP community.

SpendTheBits briefly describes its own project, stating that using exactly the XRPL blockchain will make BTC transactions much faster and cheaper than is currently possible. At the same time, John Deaton, a pro-XRP activist and founder of CryptoLaw, said, marked another positive side of the project.

According to the crypto attorney, the case of SpendTheBits, which is built on XRP Ledger using open source code and without permission from Ripple or anyone else to implement the technology, once again proves the SEC’s claims against Ripple and XRP be absolutely absurd. It’s Satoshi-esque technology, says Deathon.


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